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Misty road (by Mavroudakis Fotis)

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Text 27 Aug Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes, I think.. man long distance relationships suck. I got to see my girlfriend 5 times this year, brutal. Thinking about next year, being in school and potentially longer distances, seeing each other even fewer times, brutal. Then I remind myself that I won the life lottery and met the most amazing and beautiful woman. Seriously, I don’t think I could have imagined and fabricated with my own hands a woman so incredibly perfect for me. I keep reminding myself that this distance and time apart is not a bad thing at all. YES, it would be absolutely amazing to wake up in the middle of the night, look over and see the love of my life sleeping next to me. Though I do have to say I think the distance is a blessing in disguise. It allows us to each grow and accomplish personal dreams, while also making dreams for our future together. Also I am incredibly thankful for her understanding and patience with me. I used to close off the ones I love and form barriers for my own “protection” and have recently realized that is incredibly detrimental to the health of any relationship, friendship, romantic, or otherwise. She has helped me find my voice and say what is on my mind. There is still much work to be done on my end but I have come so far since meeting this marvelous lady. If I could give up my human life for anything it would be to become a dragon with my magnificent Robyn and travel the world, living in abandoned castles and caves, watching epic metal shows from afar and being with no other than the one I love…. sorry, daydreaming again. Anyway I just was at the store and the Halloween card section caught my eye, where I found this insanely adorable card with a little black kitten on it and I wrote this amazing lady a cute love letter and wanted to tell all my 13 followers how amazing a long distance relationship truly can be. This woman has bewitched me and I am totally in love with her 

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Wolves&Wind / EverChangingSeasons

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❤YmM❤Yes, my Master!


❤YmM❤Yes, my Master!

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Let It Snow  Enjoy   Honey :D 

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